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Scooter Folks

Based in Neosho, Missouri, ScooterFolks began with and continues to grow from a passion for powersports and a love of the outdoors, because time spent outside is time spent well. We at ScooterFolks are a friendly sort, and all we really want is to help you find the best deal out there while treating you with fairness and respect. And if you're honest, that's probably all you really want from us.

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12628 E. Highway 86
Neosho, MO 64850

So poke around and e-kick the tires of our stand-on gas and electric scooters, go-karts, commuter-worthy electric bicycles (a.k.a., e-bikes),and electric ride-on toys. And don't forget to check out the world-famous Cruizin' Cooler, as featured on Jimmy Fallon's show, Ellen Degeneres' show, and others. It's seriously awesome.

We strive to keep overhead low and bring the best prices available. In fact, if you find a better price on any of our products, just ask, and we'll likely price-match (or better).

That said, a big part of our philosophy is to be straightforward, honest, and gimmick-free. We won't promise you the moon and sell you a cheese wheel.

In fact, if you want to be bored to tears, keep reading to see ScooterFolks get on a soapbox about gimmicks.

ScooterFolks prefers to list our everyday low prices without making up fake MSRPs, pretend sales, or "TODAY ONLY!" prices. Now, at times we may offer promotional discounts, coupons, or other incentives, but don't expect a "the-boss-is-on-vacation-so-everything-must-go" blow-out sale, or other such nonsense going on all the time. Just a good price year-round, and we'll even do our best to price-match.

Price matching. That's something else we can't always guarantee, but we'll do our darnedest and will most likely succeed. There are many variables as to why we can or can't price-match a scooter or motorcycle or pit bike or go-kart or ATV, so ScooterFolks will keep the explanation simple. Basically, some of our products carry a "minimum advertised price" from the manufacturer, importer, or distributor which means we are not allowed to sell below that price.

Call it free shipping, or shipping-included, or no-cost shipping -- we have listed our pricing to include the cost of freight to your door. Why? We do this because it's easier to compare how good a deal you are getting when all the costs are rolled into a single figure.

So to recap, we wanted a site without lots of flashing ad banners, pop-up chat windows, and ridiculous claims of today-only sales, or other clutter. It got us thinking about monster truck radio ads. You know what we're talking about, right? Grave-Digger-and-Big-Foot-at-the-arena ads? Loud, in-your-face, and incredibly noisy, they grab our attention before devolving into incredible noise pollution. What's with all the deep-throated yelling, and why all the ridiculous repetition? What's with the weird robot voice sounds and laser-show background noises? Rather than give you a headache with all the noise and clutter, ScooterFolks has opted to give a simple, straightforward presentation of what we sell and how much it costs, with no condescending tricks or gimmicks.

We will not lie to you to get a sale.

That's how ScooterFolks roll.

Contact us at or 417-454-5039 if you have questions, comments, flattering things to say, or if you just need a little life advice.